Kickstarter For Time Travel

That’s right, I’m asking you to go back in time and fund this kickstarter for the time travel anthology, “Singular Irregularity” which, if funded, will feature my story “True Mileage Unknown” and give your standard capacitor-flux fueled DeLorean a run for its money.

The incentives are going like hot-cakes, but if they haven’t been sold already, I’ve contributed books, plus, I’ll edit your story. Yep, you heard it, I’ll whip your prose into shape and give you a critique on the content, and probably be unable to stop myself from restructuring your sentences. It’ll be almost as though . . . you’ve gone back in time and wrote an improved story!

There’s quite a few impressive talents already in the line-up; never fear, if this kickstarter remains unfunded, we shall be marched back from the respective timelines from whence we’ve come, without harm.

The line-up so far (in alphabetical order by first name, apparently):

Alex Shvartsman – The Hourglass Brigade
Brian K. Lowe – Foundering Fathers
D.F. Shultz – Arbiters
Emma Tonkin – The Neverending Patch Day
Ewan R. Chapman – A Time To Change The Present
G.D. Penman – Equinox
Holly Schofield – Alfie’s Choice
J.A. Inglis – Martin The Guinea Pig
James Dorr – The Master of Time
John Shade – Liminal House
John Taloni – The Long Haul
Julie Frost – Serendi-Bunny
Time’s Up – Kimber Grey
Liam Hogan – Fixed Point & Repeat Performance
Martin Rose – True Mileage Unknown
Michael Haynes – The Mistakes of the Past
Michael Milne – Destinations
Sarah Hans – The Light of Tomorrow
Shannon Fay – Sunny Days
Siera July – Gesundheit
Tais Teng – For The Greater Good of All
Thea Hutcheson – Postcards From Home
Tim Jeffreys & Martin Greaves – <500
Wendy Nikel – The Tea-Space Continuum



Kickstarter For Time Travel