Read Eyes or No Eyes at Heroic Quarterly

“Are your eyes not a pittance for the sake of your kingdom?”

I wrote a fantasy piece that would make my knighted ancestors proud — a misanthropic old wizard nurses a brave knight back to health after she is wounded in a joust. The shattering of a lance is the fulcrum upon which the fates of a kingdom turn in “Eyes or No Eyes” and all will be tested. Except for the wizard. He hates that kind of thing.

Kat Deggans is the artist who contributes an illustration to the tale; it’s always a pleasure to have a story illustrated by an artist and I’ve been fortunate in having several stories graced by the talents of my fellow creatives. We need art in this world, and I thank Kat Deggans for being able to give this story more impact with the visual element than it would otherwise have.

Adrian Simmons is the editor and he was great to work with on this one; there’s no doubt he loves what he does, and authors can’t ask for much more than that kind of respect for the creative work we all toil at.

Give Heroic Fantasy Quarterly some love, their whole issue 30 for November is online and I’m looking forward to giving the issue a read between researching the Yakuza. While primarily I’m known for horror and the dark, my first love was fantasy when I found “The Book of Three” by Lloyd Alexander, when I was young. Every now and again, I return to it, and it nourishes in turn like mother’s milk.


Read Eyes or No Eyes at Heroic Quarterly

News, 4 stories on the way

I’ve had fiction accepted at a couple of venues.

  • “Eyes or No Eyes” will appear in issue 30 of Heroic Fantasy Quarterly. Illustrated! When a knight is blinded in a jousting accident, the attendant wizard relates the unusual change of fortunes between the injured knight and a feckless prince.
  • “Death Run” will appear in issue 2 of Turn to Ash: Open Lines. A woman on the run from the consequences of her ex-husband’s conspiracy theory dabblings relates her tale to a radio talk show host. (This story features the appearance, albeit in the background, of a recurring character of mine who appears in “Code Name Trine” in the Insidious Assassins anthology.)
  • “Automatic Sherlock” will be published in an anthology slated for 2017, so far titled Baker Street Irregulars, with Jonathan Maberry and Michael A. Ventrella as editors. In my take on an alternate version of the Sherlock mythos, the detective is a robot built by the enterprising Dr. Watson, taking place in a near future Russia.
  • “Mirrorworld”, originally picked up by Grey Matter Press for their Death’s Realm anthology, will be reprinted in Momento Mori by Digital Fiction Publishing.

It’s been a busy year creatively speaking, and there is more to come before its close.



News, 4 stories on the way