On Power Games, On Publishing

“The pleasure that comes, for me, is in writing a book and in writing the book well, and in spending a lot of time in getting it right and in understanding the real world, and it is the power game, the seduction game, whatever. And then creating a book that goes out in the real world. So half the game of life is doing something that you love and in engaging in it deeply and it’s study and your field and whatever you produce. But that’s only half of it, because if you don’t understand the social part, then the book that I write — if I don’t know how to deal with people, and I don’t understand human nature, and I can’t market my book and my editor hates me, and my agent doesn’t know how to work with me — I could love my book but it won’t get out there, it won’t get published, it won’t have success and I won’t be happy.”

– Robert Greene

Yale Speech Pt 2., Source ~ x

On Power Games, On Publishing

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